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About The Dream Lifestyles Company

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Impeccable Service

Our standards are high. We are determined to make sure that whatever we offer our clientele is a financially sound investment and meets the legal standard required to protect your investment.

To ensure that these standards are met, we work with Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs Attorneys and several other legal professionals in the development of our products.   

Dream Lifestyles only partners with holding companies who are committed to the same standard of excellence that we are, such as Cradle Hotels & Resorts Ltd. The properties and assets they own thus provide our members with the best possible experience in luxury travel and travel destinations.

Dream Lifestyles is registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board and is qualified to sell property investment opportunities.

The vision of Dream Lifestyles is to develop into the leading destination club in Southern Africa.

The mission of Dream Lifestyles is to provide outstanding lifestyle investment opportunities in the most desired leisure assets in Southern Africa and the world.

Dream Lifestyles Functions

Dream Lifestyles is a private company that has a Management Division and an Investment Opportunities Division. The Management division takes care of marketing, sales and Member affairs while the Investment division sources suitable assets for our portfolio.

The Dream Lifestyles Management Division has 3 functions:

  • Marketing & Sales – which markets and sells fractional ownership in leisure properties and lifestyle assets;

  • Destination Club - whuch handles the reservations and travel requirements of our Members to all the destinations in our Leisure Asset portfolio; and

  • Member Affairs – which manages:

    • A personal concierge service;
    • Member's reservations;
    • Member's exchanges in the Use Exchange Programme;
    • Rental Pool Programme for Members;
    • Company secretarial services for Members

Through this service we ensure that Members are able to realise the full benefit of their investment. This is accomplished by either renting out their use periods or exchanging them for access to other properties or the use of others assets in the same portfolio.

The Dream Lifestyles Investment Opportunities Division is committed to providing affordable investment alternatives in lifestyle assets. We will thus offer investors opportunities that go beyond ownership of leisure property assets. We aim to be one of the first companies in Southern Africa to also offer ownership of other highly desirable lifestyle assets. These would include private jets, yachts, sports cars, handbags, etc.

We seek out and select properties and other assets that are suitable for inclusion in the leisure portfolio. These assets will meet the criteria set by management to ensure that they appeal to the focused target market. Besides meeting the high standard in terms of quality, these assets should also provide diversified risk, diversified interest, optimal location and unique appeal.

We will also arrange contracts with the appropriate hospitality management company for each property or asset.